This page will provide you with the information that you will need to “Join” a Black Creek/Webex Virtual Meeting… currently in the planning stage. At this point no meetings are actually scheduled.
We are in the process of testing the program to verify that this is the service we want to use for our meetings. Information will be posted on the Home Page in early June, regarding meeting dates and times. Once that information is posted, please be sure to read through ALL of the following information and watch the videos.

Below is a short video that will provide the basic information needed to Join a Meeting, plus, a link is also provided to the Webex site for a more in depth explanation. In the event that your are viewing this page on a phone or tablet, a transcript of the the information on the Webex site is included near the bottom of the page.

You will be able to see and participate in the virtual meeting using any of the following items: your computer, your tablet (i.e. iPad, etc.) or an Android or iPhone smartphone. *

If you need additional instructions about Joining a Meeting – click on the button below to go to the Webex help page for step-by-step directions.

Please read the following:

*Prior to the Virtual Meeting we suggest that you review the instructions and determine which device you are going to use to log into the meeting. Also download the app onto that device – apps are available for computers, tablets and smartphones. There is also a way to join the meeting by dialing-in.

I suggest that you test the app prior to the meeting. If you email me – Kim Straus – at the address listed below, I will send you an “Invitation” to test the app plus the device that you will be using. The “Invitation” will include a time to Join the Meeting… please let me know what day and approximately what time works for you. (Between 10 AM and 6PM).

If everything works, the test will only take a few minutes.

The following pages are transcripts from Webex’s Help Pages. They are published here because some Phones and Tablets may not be able to access this information. Also downloadable PDF’s have been created so that the information may be printed for easy reference.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Possible BCSC Virtual Meeting – June 21st at 2 PM – Check the Home Page for an Update in Early June

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