Black Creek Sportsman's Club

Next Meeting:

March 15th - 2PM

CLUBHOUSE (Weather Permitting)

10 AM - Work Meeting

2 PM - Regular Meeting

(If we have inclement weather that day -check here for location!)

The Black Creek Sportsman's Club was established over 40 years ago and we're located near Rock Glen, Pennsylvania. Our club has a long history of supporting the hunting, fishing and shooting sports, as well as promoting the conservation of our wildlife resources here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to be a part of and support our local community.

The club’s facilities include:

     . Outdoor Rife Range

     . Outdoor Pistol Range

     . Trap 

     . Hunting

     . Fishing

     . Clubhouse (Available for Events)


Welcome to the Black Creek Sportsman's Club

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Black Creek Sportsman's Club Location

Updated- February 17th, 2020

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